Try fix overheating console

munguNovember 24, 2020

Энд дараад киногоо үзээрэй!

Okay, here it is! Maybe you just bought second-hand or old console PlayStation or Xbox but when you are actually playing the game just about for a 10-minute fan makes a loud sound or no fan sound but it keeps hot. So asks people or types search engine ‘why my ps4 hot’ or ‘fix hot ps4’ didn’t you handsome young man?

Fan makes noise

If your fan makes noise believe me it’s actually a good sign from all other methods. Just check a few things if you can open a case or some other owners who before owning the console make broke the warrant seal just open it again and replace thermal paste and it is all good. If you want to avoid this step please don’t do it! because maybe someone just replaces the broken part and we don’t know what the previous owner actually doing so please don’t do anything that makes it worst.

If your device too hot

If your Console hot like a summer day? Turn your device off and make it cool for about 1 hour at least. The first thing you cloud do is watch the videos from youtube titled teardown. And after that make sure all your warranty seals are broken or miss placed. Now just open the case and clean the fan with an air compressor or vacuum cleaner and then clean anyother dirt or dust blocking the airflow from outside to the heatsink (the metal thing on your CPU ) check your thermal paste and if it is not cool enough replaced with a new one. At the last, run the fan manually with your finger if it feels smooth and quick like a fidget spinner then reassemble all the parts right back in the right places, and then it is good to go.

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