How Cool Playstation 5 Will Be?

munguNovember 16, 2020

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Most of gamers perhaps already know that Playstation 5 is going on process. It is already reported that Playstation 5 will be launched in November 2020. The President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment said that the next console generation that is named Playstation 5 will be launched during the 2020 holiday season. The holiday season refers to the Christmas period and New Year’s at the end of 2020. Previously, Sony had launched Playstation 4 in November 15th 2013 and Playstation 4 Pro in November 2016. Even though Playstation 5 will be released on November 2020, the specifications are already leaked.
Way Better Graphic
PS 5 is reported to use th new graphic processing chip, the AMD’s newest line-based processor, which is Ryzen. Playstation 5 will bring a basic change about graphic. Playstation 5 will also use the Navy graphic card made by Radeon. However, this chip is not released yet until now.
High Speed
Playstation 5 is also reported to use the solid state drive. It is a hardware that is quicker compared to the traditional hard disk. With the new drive storage, the game loading that usually takes around 15 seconds, will be decreased to less than a second. It can be said that you will not find any loading in this newest console game.
8K Resolution
It is reported that Playstation 5 will be able to content with a resolution up to 8K. Can you imagine how it feels playing a game with 8K resolution? Sony wants to proof that this console game is able to be played and used for years. So, the developers manage to create games with 8K resolution.
‘Ray Tracing’ Content
Playstation 5 is reported to be able to support visual content named Ray Tracing. Ray Tracing is a visual content which is basically ‘stronger lighting’. This will make the visual lighting looks more natural and way more immersive than before.
Can be Used to Play Games on Playstation 4 & Even Playstation 1
Playstation 4 games will be able to be played on Playstation 5. Backward compatibility, or a term where old games are able to be applied and played on the newest and latest console games. In addition, Playstation 5 is also predicted to be able to play all of the games that are not disk-based.
Playstation VR Supports
Playstation VR will be released in the newest version. The newest release will be better in the aspect of higher-fidelity for Playstation 5. However, the Playstation VR headset for Playstation 4 can still function well in Playstation 5. Morever, Playstation 5 is also reported to support the Playstation Move controller as well as Playstation Camera. All of them are important components in the system of Playstation VR.
Controllers with Haptic Feedback
The latest information about the newest controllers or joysticks of Playstation 5 is shared by Jim Ryan, who is the president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment. It is reported that the controllers of Playstation 5 will use the haptic feedback, replacing the traditional vibration. The haptic feedback makes the controllers more responsive and sensitive so that it can be adjusted to various game conditions.
There will be different feedback between racing games and first person shooter games when they are played. The CEO mentions that the player will be able to feel different textures when they are running on grass or walking on mud. The controllers of Playstation 5 will also have adaptive triggers that can be programmed according to the tension level of the game played.
According to the rumor, Playstation 5 will have more powerful hardware compared to its predecessors. Playstation 5 is reported to be featured with CPU Ryzen and GPU Navi from AMD, as well as storage media in the form of SSD. This newest console game is possible to play games on Playstation 4 and even Playstation 1. By featuring the most powerful hardware, Playstation 5 will be able to support various kinds of the most sophisticated graphic technology, visual appearances that are more realistic, such as Ray Tracing and 8K resolution.
That is the technology that will be featured in Playstation 5. Are you interested to look the newest generation of the famous console game?


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