What Little Device Which PS VITA and PSP are Worth It?

munguNovember 16, 2020

Энд дараад киногоо үзээрэй!

PS Vita and PSP are absolutely different. It can be said that PS Vita is the more modern version of PSP. The two devices also come with clear distinctions. But, what little device which PS Vita and PSP are worth it? How do PS Vita and PSP different from each other? Find out more about the two devices on the following page.
With a 5-inch OLED screen, PSP Vita comes with a bigger screen if compared to earlier Sony’s PSP. Not only that but the big touchscreen of the PS Vita provides more colorful and crisp visuals for gamers. The device also only weighs just 220pi. You need to know that PS Vita is lower than the standard model of PSP which runs at 480×272 PPI. However, PS Vita is still considered sharper than the PSP’s last gen.
The Specs
PS Vita also comes with 512MB of core system RAM. It also offers an extra 128MB of VRAM to store more graphics, Meanwhile, PlayStation 3 boosts 256MB in total for both the RAM and VRAM. It is the reason why gamers can conduct a cross-game chat by using PS Vita, a feature that is not provided by PSP. PS Vita runs a quad-core processor, allowing it to have effects that almost approach PS3’s level.


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