PlayStation 5 – Why Is It Worth to Have the New Game?

munguNovember 16, 2020

Энд дараад киногоо үзээрэй!

As a part of Sony’s next gen-plans, PlayStation 5 is a big project for the company. Being planned to be released in 2020, PS5 has triggered the curiosity of most gamers. But, is it really worthy to buy the game? Get to know more about the game before deciding to buy.
What Technology to Expect
As the latest generation of PlayStation, PS5 is expected to be more powerful than its predecessors. It has been confirmed by the manufacturer that PS5 will use an AMD CPU chip to run the game. It is based on AMD’s Ryzen line’s third generation. The AMD CPU chip is custom-made and it is an eight-core. The CPU will also support ray tracing. It is also claimed that the graphics of PS5 is much better than PlayStation’s previous versions. It will use the power of the Zen CPU architecture’s last generation. The 8K resolutions applied to the game will improve its visual fidelity. Additionally, the decrease in this PS5’s loading time can be a great improvement to enjoy.
How Much Does It Cost?
Many people believe that the PlayStation 5 will cost more than its predecessors due to the technology applied. The best prediction is that the cost of the game will reach about $500 each. However, it can be guaranteed until the game is officially launched.


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